Juice Wine Podcast

Juice Wine Podcast

A podcast by two women who love to drink wine.

S1 E05 Pet Nat

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Join Emily, Guen and Holger Schwarz of Viniculture, Berlin as they taste and compare a selection of Pet Nats.

featured wines this week:

Rene & Agnes Mosse, Moussamoussettes, Vin de France Domaine Giachino, Giac'bulles, Vin de France Sulauze, Hyper Modeste, Vin de France



by Bastien on 16. November 2018
Nice post Fait peter guys means Make it pop (make a fart too but not liek that) Or fait peter can mean lets go And hyper modest is called super modest when in 75cl. The mags have more skin contact and lies that shows different juice completely. Love these

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About this podcast

A tattoo artist and sommelier joined together in friendship and a passion for drinking the good stuff. JUICE is an entertaining and accessible podcast in which Guen and Emily share stories, knowledge and banter on their favourite bottles of wines. Episodes are either on a featured region, grape, style of wine or interviews with winemakers, sellers, importers and notable drinkers.
Tune into JUICE if you would like to join them for a glass and a laugh.

by Emily Harman & Guen Douglas


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