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Juice Wine Podcast

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S1 E32 Italian White Wines with Nicola Sessa

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Joined serendipitously by the artist formerly known as Briefmarken Weine, Nicola Sessa, a dear friend of the ladies and previous owner of a wine bar called Briefmarken that used to be the only place in the city to drink amazing and memorable bottles of Italian Wine.

Emily words on Nicola Sessa:

"His bar used to be an oasis in the dessert for me: the only place to drink decent Italian wine in Berlin as well as being one of the few places that really created a unique and very personal environment for wine drinking. I still smile today when I reminisce of my evenings there, it was seamlessly easy to slip into a long night of many beautiful bottles and endless games of Scopa (SCO-PA!) with Guen and Nicola until the early hours. He gave us irreplaceable evenings built on fine wine, inspiring conversation, card games and most importantly friendship."

Join Nicola and the ladies as they share a couple of bottles of age worthy Italian whites, to show that Italian white wines deserve to share the limelight with Italian reds.

This week's wines:

2016 Filagnotti, Cascina Degli Ulivi - Piemonte, Italy 2014 ;Ante' Etna Bianco, I Custodi - Etna, Sicily, Italy


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A tattoo artist and sommelier joined together in friendship and a passion for drinking the good stuff. JUICE is an entertaining and accessible podcast in which Guen and Emily share stories, knowledge and banter on their favourite bottles of wines. Episodes are either on a featured region, grape, style of wine or interviews with winemakers, sellers, importers and notable drinkers.
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